Movement Competency

Movement competency describes an individual’s ability to perform a coordinated movement pattern, through a full range of motion in the absence of pain or discomfort, with correct posture, joint alignment and muscle coordination.
Suboptimal movement patterns can indicate muscle imbalances and restrictions at a joint. Understanding movement patterns and how the ankle, knee, shoulder joints along with the lumbar and thoracic spine function both independently and synergistically is a useful tool to any exercise professional.

Following this workshop will allow attendees to understand and correct movement patterns by using fundamental squat, push and pull exercises as screening tools.

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Workshop Content

  • The body weight squat
  • Functional movement competency
  • Identify and address suboptimal movement competency
  • Achieving a neutral spine
  • Using upper body push and pull patterns to assess upper body movement competency
  • How to establish and employ correct coaching cues for individual differences


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