The purpose of an appeals procedure is to ensure that every learner who is unhappy with the outcome of an assessment decision has the right to appeal against the decision that has been made.

The Circumstances under Which an Appeal is Possible

That there were irregularities in the conduct of the assessment. For example inaccurate marking, alleged discrimination or unfairness.

That there were circumstances affecting the candidate, which the staff responsible for the assessment were unaware of, and which may reasonably be considered to have affected the candidate’s performance in the assessment.

Internal and External Appeals

Whenever possible the dispute should be resolved within the course team without recourse to the formal appeals procedure. Candidates also have the opportunity to appeal externally to the Awarding Body.

The appeals procedure can only be invoked by the individual whose work is the subject of the disputed decision, i.e. it cannot be invoked by a third party.

Stage 1

If a learner feels that an assessment decision is unfair in any way the appeal should be addressed to the centre’s Internal Verifier who will attempt to resolve the problem internally. If the learner is still unsatisfied then stage 2 of the appeals procedure should be followed

Stage 2

An appeal may be made to JumpFitness outlining the complaint. Following discussions with the directors, if the student is still not satisfied they should progress to stage 3.

Stage 3

A formal appeal must be submitted in writing to Focus Awards. The candidate must provide the following details:

  • name and contact details (address and telephone numbers)
  • date appeal first reported to centre
  • grounds for appeal
  • factual details including dates, what was assessed and what action has been taken so far
  • desired outcome

The form should be sent, together with all the written documentation from the assessment. Video evidence will significantly strengthen the appeal.

Within 5 working days of receipt of the written appeal, the Lead Verifier must acknowledge receipt of the appeal by either:

  • producing a written solution to the candidate, or
  • producing a holding reply and a final reply within an additional 5 working days

In the event that the candidate is unhappy with the response from the Lead Verifier, the appeal will be passed on to stage 3 of the procedure.

If the candidate is still unhappy with the decision they might wish to contact the directors at Focus Awards.